Fishy Funeral

fishy funeral.jpg

2 weeks ago, 3 West lost someone near and dear to our hearts. Betta was Rachael’s fish who she had all semester. We were pretty bummed about it but we helped her flush him. He was a great pal to do homework with. A few ladies went with Rachael to get a new fish the next day. His replacement, Remi, has some big shoes to fill, but he’s fitting in quite well. We all shared stories of our fish, and made plans for future wing events to ease the ache. #APlaceToBelong


Hallway Hangs

hallway hangs.jpg

On Friday a few ladies and I decided to hang out in the hallway between my on call rounds and talk! We talked about breakups, classes, professors, and Dance Marathon! It was a nice relaxing break for us all after a stressful week of classes! #Emotional

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As a new semester starts I’d like to introduce myself!

My name is Kate McKinney and I am a sophomore. I’m a Forensic Investigation major with a Spanish minor. I’m #obsessed with hashtags so the photos all have a type of pun or obnoxiously cute hashtag to tell about my parents, best friends, sister, dogs, and boyfriend. A few other facts don’t have pictures but are some cool things about me, like my sorority, music, shows, and fav flower. Let me know if we have anything in common!

Door Decorations/Bulletin Boards

🐘November Door Decs🐘


🐘 Here are the long awaited November door decorations!  If anyone has a problem with them, their argument is irrELEPHANT 🐘 Along with the decorations the residents will also get some facts on elephants such as: African elephants are the largest land mammals on the planet, and the females of this species undergo the longest pregnancy—22 months. And another fact is that Elephants have two gaits – a walk and a faster gait that is similar to running. They cannot jump, trot or gallop, however they can swim and use their trunk as a snorkel. 🐘

Door Decorations/Bulletin Boards

👣 Carbon Footprint 👣


👣 Do you know what your carbon footprint is? The new board on 3W explains what a carbon footprint is and ways to improve it! A couple ways to improve is to unplug things when not in use, like your phone charger! Even when you aren’t using them they still take up energy! Another tip is to try to limit your showers to 10 minutes or less. If you want to know more, swing by 3W and read up! 👣