April Showers Bring May Finals (And Flowers)


Finals is a stressful time, so why not spend the weeks before with some friends? My former RA, Mackenzie, invited my residents and I over to plant flowers in preparation for finals and as a nice Mother’s Day gift! #Enviromental


Pizza with the Proffs


Last Wednesday we had our FINAL Pizza with the Professors. We sat there for roughly an hour asking quirky questions to the professors and laughing. Each person asked at least one question! Even though I had no voice, I was super thankful for everyone there. #FacultyImmersion


Letters to A Stranger


On Thursday, a few Pickard Residents and I attended “Letters to a Stranger” IN Bridgeway Commons. the whole idea behind the event is for you to sit with a stranger, get to know them over some snacks and games, then write them a letter for when they’re having a bad day! We ate lots of snacks and had lots of fun! #Diversity/Inclusion


“Getting Lucky”


St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than sex ed!? Each color of the rainbow has a common topic that comes up while talking about sex education. Once you read the outside statement, flip up to find how if you know if it’s fact or myth! Each one had a explanation on the inside as to why it is fact or myth. Be smart this St. Paddy’s day, use protection! #Health


Hallway Hangs 2.0

Hallway HAngs 2.0

What can I say? 3W loves hanging in the hallway. A few girls stopped by to check out the newest board “Fact vs. Myth: Things to Know Before ‘Getting Lucky’ This St. Paddy’s Day”. After reading the facts and myths we discussed dating horror stories and how to handle situations. Lots of laughs and smiles were exchanged before we all went to bed. #APlacetoBelong

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Awareness

They Love me not

They love me, They love me not. In the center of this flower there is one question: “Has your partner ever…” and the petals each have an individual ending for it. The paper on the far left explains that if you answered yes to any of the following questions you may be in an unsafe, abusive, or violent relationship. The following two papers explain what to do if you or a friend is in such a relationship. The far right pictures show the on campus and off campus resources offered here in Platteville. REMEMBER: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. #Knowledge


Fishy Funeral

fishy funeral.jpg

2 weeks ago, 3 West lost someone near and dear to our hearts. Betta was Rachael’s fish who she had all semester. We were pretty bummed about it but we helped her flush him. He was a great pal to do homework with. A few ladies went with Rachael to get a new fish the next day. His replacement, Remi, has some big shoes to fill, but he’s fitting in quite well. We all shared stories of our fish, and made plans for future wing events to ease the ache. #APlaceToBelong