All About Shanice :)

I love lip sticks! pinks & purples
I love lip sticks! pinks & purples




I’m Shanice, and I am the RA of 3 west!! “We the Best” This will be my  second year returning to Pickard 3 west and I am very excited to meet you all. I hope that everyone enjoyed their summer and is ready for the school year. A little bit about me, I am working on my third year here at Platteville. I am studying Criminal Justice with a minor in sociology. I am from Chicago, IL but I live in Crete, IL. I decided to come to Platteville after tasting the great food here (lol). One of the hobbies I am now taking up is scrapbooking and I love to journal. Some of my other hobbies outside of residence life are shopping, shopping, and spending someone elses money on SHOPPING! I love fashion as well which again ties in with shopping. I think puppies are cute but DEER is better!

I enjoy doing hair; whether it’s curling, straightening, or wanding! My favorite number is two and my Favorite artist is Beyonce and my favorite rapper is Kanye West. I love hip hop, R&B, and a little pop. I am big on organization and I love for things to be planned out.

I am looking forward to meeting you all once again!! 🙂

Meet Your RA


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